2023 2nd International Conference on Tourism Management and Industrial Economy (TMIE 2023)

Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Tourism / Transportation / Industrial Economy / Environment / Energy and other related topics

Tourism Management and Economics

Tourism and population structure

Big Data and Tourism Management

Hotel catering service management

Operation and management of scenic spots

Tourism management mod

Tourism consumption pattern

Tourism and urbanizatio

Tourism in the Global Economy

Tourism brand

Tourism and Finance

Study on travel traffi

Tourism and new media

Tourism industry and its derivatives

Artificial Intelligence and Tourism Management

Environmental Science

Tourism and natureEnvironmental sustainable developmentEnvironmental resources, territorial management
Climate change solutionsEnvironmental protectionGreen energy and technology
Resource environment and tourism developmentTourism and agricultureTourism and energy

Eco Tourism and Industrial Economy

Sustainable tourismGreen tourism consumptionResource structure of EcotourismThe aesthetic value of Ecotourism
Tourism environment and protectionEco tourism and economic benefitsThe cultural value of EcotourismThe planning structure and target of Ecotourism
Development and management of EcotourismDevelopment and management of characteristic tourism

Environment and Tourism

Tourism and natureEnvironmental sustainable developmentEnvironmental resources, territorial managementClimate change solutions

environmental protection

Green energy and technologyResource environment and tourism development

Tourism and agriculture

Tourism and energyEnvironmental monitoring and analysisEnvironmental monitoring and analysis

Modern Tourism and Industrial Economy

Industry compound comprehensive tourismThe development of Pan tourism industryThe global development of modern tourismBig data and modern tourism management
The combination of tourism and high technologyTransformation and innovation of modern tourismThe combination of tourism and new media industryThe combination of tourism and financial industry
Current situation and development of global tourism market
Modern tourism and modernization of national econom

Sustainable development of tourism and industrial economy

Sustainable development and high end TourismSustainable tourism and environmental protectionMedical tourism and health industryTransformation and Innovation of Tourism
Sustainable development of tourism and resource protectionSustainable development of tourism and economic benefits